About us

About us

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Who we are ?

COLCA Medical & Scientific is pharmaceutical company. 

Our fields are : medecines importation and certification, manufacturing (secondary packaging and labelling) and Pre-wholesaling services. COLCA Medical & Scientific designs and develops tailor-made solutions for drugs and innovative healthcare products.

COLCA Medical & Scientific is born from the confluence between the clinical trials culture and the orphan drug culture, The core business of COLCA Medical & Scientific is also to apply this expertise to all healthcare supply chain stakeholders (transportation, logistics and distribution)

Why Colca MS ?

High Professionalism






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High level of requirement

Proactive approach

Prospective attitude




Temperature: [-70°C / -80°C]  [-25°C / -15°C]  [+2°C / +8°C] [+15°C / +25°C]

Remote surveillance 24/7

Management Team

Arnaud Grivel

Arnaud Grivel

Head Pharmacist and General Manager for a CDMO dedicated to clinical trials, Arnaud Grivel regularly implemented and processed batches of products with limited quantities and customized requirements,  for witch  high level of quality and exigence have to be applied.  

jerome chavant

Jérome Chavant

Acting as Supply Chain Director for several years in an orphan drugs pharmaceutical company, Jérôme Chavant acquired a strong expertise of logistic operations for high added-value and cold chain products in international complex and changing regulatory environments.

olivier mary

Olivier Mary

Healthcare logistics and transportation expert, Olivier Mary built experience and know-how among carriers, freight forwarders and shippers. He has in-depth knowledge of regulatory texts and also international logistics for healthcare product ecosystem. 


1 Rue de la Chaudanne ZA Les Ferrières – 69290 Grézieu la Varenne, France


1 Rue de la Chaudanne ZA Les Ferrières – 69290 Grézieu la Varenne, France

115 Rue Cardinet – 75017 Paris, France

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