September 20 2022

Commercial distribution of the SPIROLEPT® vaccine by COLCA MS

Packaging, serialization and distribution missions

IMAXIO relies on the expertise in pharmaceutical packaging and the supply agility of COLCA MS to distribute SPIROLEPT® vaccine in compliance with GMP and GDP Good Practices. Each year, COLCA MS manufactures the packaging several tens of thousands of SPIROLEPT® units and now handles commercial distribution in France.

This year COLCA MS is entrusted with the packaging, serialization, and distribution of SPIROLEPT® in the Netherlands. Our mission is to carry out technical secondary packaging by assembling syringes, putting them in blister packs and putting them in cases with insert instructions. Distribution is ensured under controlled temperature with precise temperature monitoring (

Founded in 2000, IMAXIO is a biotechnology laboratory specialized in vaccinology engaged in the development of vaccine solutions against human diseases. IMAXIO is a pharmaceutical establishment, involved in all stages of the drug, from development to marketing.

Based in France and its overseas territories, IMAXIO is actively developing internationally. IMAXIO specializes in the prevention of human leptospirosis. To this end, SPIROLEPT® vaccine is recommended for the prevention of the infectious disease leptospirosis.