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Since 2013 we have been importing, packaging and distributing rare, innovative and delicate health care products worldwide, to expand access to health care and save lives.

We assist biotech companies and pharmaceutical labs with our expert skills in small-volume supply chains, usually related to treatments for rare diseases, for clinical trials or early access, and for distribution under marketing authorization (MA).




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Our expertise

Our pharmaceutical supply chain solutions

As a pharmaceutical depository, we handle all operations to meet our customers’ requirements, in full compliance with the specific regulatory obligations of the pharmaceutical sector: import and export from/to the entire world, including customs clearance procedures, storage under different controlled-temperature specifications, secondary packaging.

We can also help manage Early Access Authorizations (EAA) and Compassionate Use Authorizations (CU) in France, and we offer training programs and consulting services.

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Specific logistics expertise centered on the health care sector

One of our top features is our ability to manage small volumes, worldwide. We design secure tailor-made solutions for our customers, who can count on a dedicated contact person at all times, tracking their files from the early engineering phase until all operations are completed.

Flexibility and reactivity are guaranteed, with full GMP and GDP compliance.

This flexibility perfectly fits the management of small volumes, and the quality of contact and follow-up is peerless.

Reasons for trusting us

Logistique pharmaceutique

Euromed Pharma France, a socially-responsible company

Overseeing the logistics of vital pharmaceutical products is no simple matter. Daily, our employees commit to the patients who need these products, to their customers and colleagues, to deliver the impeccable service required for handling such precious and indispensable items.

We engage our responsibility in processing our files, adopting virtuous behavior respectful of both people and the planet – in our opinion the keys to success for us all, in the long term.

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If you’re looking to give meaning to your career, please get in touch! Our pharmaceutical logistics are inherently and critically useful, since they help save lives.

What motivates us every single day is ensuring that our customers’ innovative products arrive in the right place, safe and sound, often for clinical trials prefiguring the therapies of tomorrow, or for treating orphan diseases, worldwide. And all of this in “the COLCA spirit”, combining the pleasure of working in teams with growth alongside our customers.

Our company is continually expanding, with new job opportunities opening up regularly.


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